As an expansion team in 1976

Geologists had long known about the existence of faults in southeast Texas, but Khan and Engelkemeir produced a comprehensive map in 2008 pinpointing the precise locations of some 300 faults traversing the Houston area. The research team stressed these local fault lines are not the kinds that wreak havoc in earthquake prone California, but they can move up to an inch per year. Such movement over several years can cause serious damage to buildings and streets that straddle a fault line.

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cheap nfl jerseys The most important thing to remember is that religion does not dictate morality and morality is not dictated by your religious beliefs. There are good people and bad people. That that. As an expansion team in 1976, the brand new Seahawks needed to flesh out their roster. While Seattle did get 39 veteran allocations, it also got 25 picks in the 1976 draft and all but four of them were in the third round or later. Most of the guys didn do much, and 10 of them never even played, but it was obviously an important draft for the Seahawks cheap nfl jerseys.

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